The Price of Ovulation

ovulationReading Terrence Mix’s The Price of Ovulation, I’m reminded of the old joke about the guy who likes to talk: ask him what time it is, and he’ll tell you how to make a watch. Along similar lines, Mix doesn’t just provide his reader with information on fertility drugs and their negative side effects; he also tells the story of how he came upon the information. Unlike the butt of the watch joke, however, a good storyteller can breathe life into the story of how the watch was made — and Mix certainly has the ability to do this. Throughout his book, Mix offers up his own personal tale of his efforts to uncover evidence that use of Clomid, a drug used to induce ovulation, can lead to birth defects — and, more significantly, that the drug’s producer suppressed this evidence. Anyone seeking fertility treatment will find this book to be of great interest.

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