They Had Goat Heads

Some things that happen in the dreamscapes of D. Harlan Wilson’s They Had Goat Heads: A man is eulogized after dying in a movie he doesn’t remember auditioning for. A man who wants to be a monster truck welds wheels to his elbows. A nurse’s breast wraps around her neck like a tetherball and strangles her. Seven[1] men try to arrest each other, the world, the galaxy, and every black hole in the universe. A man shoots a chimpanzee and falls in love with a police officer. A would-be superhero discovers that his cape is his arch-nemesis. A boy forgets how to fall asleep and his father smashes a banjo. Strongmen bludgeon circus-goers with rubber mallets. Zookeepers are locked in cages. A gravedigger passes out hors d’oeuvres on the silver platter of an overturned spade.

If you are intrigued, read the book. If not, what can I say? A mosquito has been snacking on my neck, arms, and legs for the better part of the afternoon.

Most of these words are Wilson’s and not mine.

[1] Or possibly six.

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