Purple Girl

Just a quick note to readers in the Philadelphia area: The Painted Bride Art Center will be hosting a reading of Debra Leigh Scott‘s Purple Girl on November 10 at 7 PM. Scott has been involved in the Philadelphia arts scene for years, and she’s the founder of Hidden River Publishing. Purple Girl follows the exploits of an up-and-coming lawyer who must decide between revealing the truth about a multinational chemical corporation and advancing her career. To put it another (and perhaps less accurate) way, it’s a cross between Erin Brokovich and the Simpsons episode in which Homer meets his long-lost mother. More information on this and all Painted Bride events at paintedbride.org.


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  1. Although I laughed out loud at your admittedly less than accurate description of my play, I thought I should offer something a little closer to the truth, since your readers may come hoping for the Simpsons, or the 38D sexiness of Erin Brokovich. The play has an all-woman cast (and a great one! Jan Michener, Jean Brooks, Polly MacIntyre, Patti Mayer, and Robin Silver. Directed by Ellen Podolsky). It’s a clash of the corporate child of the 90s with the kinds of women who came of age in the 60s, a clash between environment and industry, between poverty and wealth. The play is about the many ways we prostitute ourselves in the face of overwhelming power, and just how many ways we can be wrong while trying so hard to be right.

    Best of all the reading is FREE.

    Hope to see you all there!

    Debra Leigh Scott

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