My Life As Laura – Review by Meghan Piercy

This little book is Kelly Kathleen Ferguson’s delightful response to this question: If you could meet ANYone, past or present, who would you meet and why? Ferguson’s answer: Laura Ingalls Wilder. And while My Life As Laura is witty, sharply penned, and thoughtful, taking a road trip through the prairie with Ferguson, who is both strong and vulnerable at once, was the best part of all. The book’s one downfall is that it is too short! (Shamefully) having never met Laura Ingalls Wilder myself, My Life As Laura has made seek the Little House books for myself. I hope that Ferguson continues to write and create her own little boxed set for the rest of us to enjoy. I want more!

Review by Meghan Piercy

One comment

  1. I loved this book. I went looking for my old copies of Laura too and started reading them to my daughter. I know a bit of back story because I know Kelly Ferguson. Our moms meet regularly for coffee and antiquing. I would have really enjoyed this book even if I didn’t know her. I can’t wait for her next book!

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