Five Years of Small Press Reviews

Wow! I’ve been doing this for five years already. Actually, it’s been a little longer, but I just realized that the anniversary passed a few weeks ago, and now here we are.

Back in 2007, Curtis Smith’s short story collection The Species Crown inspired me to start blogging about books from small press authors. Since then, I’ve managed with the help of fellow small press enthusiasts like Tom Powers and Lavinia Ludlow (among others) to average about one review a week.

An occasion like this leaves me a little bit tempted to compile a “best of” list, but the problem is that I’ve enjoyed far too many books (the official count is over 300 reviews!) to limit myself to naming a few I consider “the best.” Instead, here’s a random sample of some of the titles I’ve reviewed over the past five years:

Another five years? Who knows… I’ll just take it one book at a time!


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