The Last Policeman

250px-The_Last_Policeman_book_coverSet in a world painfully aware of its own impending demise, The Last Policeman, a novel by Ben H. Winters, is a philosophically astute page-turner that interrogates the most basic assumptions undergirding civil society. As an asteroid hurtles toward Earth, Detective Hank Palace does his best to maintain law and order in Cocord, New Hampshire, despite the fact that news of the impending apocalypse has triggered unparalleled social upheaval. When an apparent suicide turns up in a public restroom, common sense tells him to chalk it up to end-times hysteria, but—per the genre’s dictates—something about the case doesn’t sit right with Palace. Soon, he’s off on an investigation that pits him against survivalists, unscrupulous opportunists, and a wide range of conspiracy theories. Yet while the murder investigation provides the narrative with something of a MacGuffin, the real mystery at the heart of The Last Policeman is existential: What’s the point solving murders—or being good, or doing anything for that matter—when death is imminent? It’s the kind of question that can’t help leading to a slew of others, and one that Winters explores from multiple angles throughout this intelligent, suspenseful novel as the world he imagines spirals into chaos and all forms of human decency suddenly go up for grabs.


  1. I am a long time subscriber of “Small Press Reviews” who jus published a second novel. I is an exciting Science Fiction book, written from a feaure length screenplay of the same title.

    Log line of the screenplay: In this fast-paced science fiction horror fantasy, an intrepid hero brought to life via alien genetic manipulation, embarks on dangerous journey to the center-of-time to fulfill his cosmic destiny and save Earth from destruction. Becomes GREAT LEADER of Earth Colony 2, millions of light-years away.

    Is it possible to have my 180 page book be reviewed by “Small Press Reviews”? I do intend in the near future to esablish a small press of these novels written from screenplays.

    Sincerely, Ernest Porter (Author/Screenwriter)

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