Support a Small Press!

If you’ve reached this page, you probably share my suspicion that small presses are keeping literature alive. Help keep small presses going by visiting one of the following sites and ordering a book.

  • The Permanent Press: With a name like this, how can they be bad? A couple of their books that I really like are Charles Holdefer’s The Contractor and MF Bloxam’s The Night Battles. Oh, and they also published my novel, The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom and Party Girl!
  • Atticus Books is a recent discovery of mine. Looking forward to reading their titles Fight for Your Long Day and Nazareth North Dakota.
  • WriteBloody: A great press specializing in work by touring poets and writers. Their covers are amazing, and what’s between them is even better.
  • Press 53: My favorite Press 53 book is The Species Crown by Curtis Smith, but pretty much everything they publish is good.
  • Featherproof Books just showed up on my radar, and I’m blown away by the care they put not only into selecting the titles they publish, but also in designing their books. Christian TeBordo’s The Awful Possibilities is a heck of a mind-bender, and Patrick Somerville’s The Universe in Miniature in Miniature has to be seen to be believed.
  • Conundrum Press is nothing short of awesome. Line Gamache’s Poof! offers a madcap rumination on the relationship between the artist and her muse, and fans of CBC Radio’s Wiretap (with Jonathan Goldstein) will revel in Howie Action Comics by souvlaki aficionado and longtime Wiretap regular Howard Chackowicz. Speaking from experience, I can say that there’s nothing cooler to a comic book geek than “discovering” a new artist, so definitely give Conundrum a look if you have representatives from this species on your list.
  • Dogzplot: These people are nuts. In a good way. Their Achilles Chapbook Series brings a true punk aesthetic to the literary world.
  • McFarland & Company: Again, a publisher I admire not only because they had the perspicacity to publish something I wrote, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: The Discerning Fan’s Guide to Doctor Who, but also because they put out some great titles. Their focus is mainly popular culture.
  • Casperian Books: I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read from Casperian, including (but not limited to) Curtis Smith’s Sound and Noise and Paul Elwork’s The Tea House.
  • Cider Press: Publisher of the Cider Press Review and sponsor of the annual Cider Press Review poetry contest.
  • Another Sky Press: This press published Barry Graham’s excellent fiction collection, The National Virginity Pledge, and operates under what they call a “progressive publishing and distribution paradigm that aims to directly benefit both audience and author.” Basically, you pay what you think a book is worth, and the author gets paid accordingly.
  • PS Books: Okay, so I’ve designed a lot of their book covers, and I edit a lot of their books, but I think what they do is pretty cool.