New Issue of Shelf Unbound Available

The latest issue of Shelf Ubound is now available — and it’s free! In addition to covering all the latest news in independent publishing, this issue includes articles on two recent projects that are near and dear to my heart: my forthcoming novel, The Grievers, and Nicole Monaghan’s collection of anonymous flash-fiction, Stripped. This issue also offers commentary on several books investigating the Jazz Age, and an excerpt from Cowgirl Chef: Texas Cooking in a French Accent. Don’t miss the recipe for slice and bake hazelnut chocolate chip cookies on page 31!


I’m slightly biased with respect to this collection of flash fiction for two reasons: it includes a short piece that I wrote and I designed the cover (using art by one of my favorite artists, Anne Buckwalter). So rather than give a review, I’ll share the copy from the back cover:

Stripped is a collection with a twist. Yes, the fiction contained herein includes works from some of the best-known names in flash fiction as well as the work of emerging writers, but the bylines have been removed so you can’t tell who wrote what. What’s more, the stories hinge largely on gender roles — but with the authors’ identites stripped from their stories, editor Nicole Monaghan has created a bit of a guessing game. Did a woman, for example, write that piece about ambivalence toward motherhood? Or was it a man? More to the point, does it really matter? Or is there something bigger going on when men and women stretch their minds and imagine what it might be like to be the other? Authors include Meg Tuite, Michelle Reale, Myfanwy Collins, Tara L. Masih, Michael Martone, Nathan Alling Long, Curtis Smith, and Randall Brown.

– Posted by Marc Schuster